Manufacturing Flow

Introduction of Injection Blow Molding Technology

The core of injection blow technology, that is the tooling design.

Shinko-Kasei established an injection blow technology with the HDPE resin in the spring of 1999. It supported the additive-free molding requirement.
Using the know-how of the core molding technology which we accumulated since the establishment of our business, we make special surface treatment on the inside of molding cavity, devise the palison shape, and optimize temperature management and blow condition. Although that technology had been already commercialized, our injection blow molding technology with advantages in terms of precision of molding and mass productivity was the first among the industry.
thereafter many products are delivered to the market, mainly dairy products, and we receive a high evaluation from various industries including the dairy products industry.

Manufacturing Flow

What we are proud of, that is our original technology.
Concentrating on the basic process such as precise quality control, cost management, and hygiene management we continue raising the quality of the product drastically.



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